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Ostuni on map

Ostuni...on map

Welcome to Ostuni on map, a different and informative way to help you discover Ostuni and its surrounding area. Lots of useful information such as Ostuni Info Office address and phone number, historic information about monuments in Ostuni and around Ostuni, location of the best beaches along the Ostuni coast, the ancient masserie to visit, and more.

Click icon to discover

Just click on the icons on the map to discover or search scroll the list to find what it interests you. If there is further information about any point on te map you will find a link that will take you to the details page.

Route directions

You can also find route directions from any point on the map to any other point on the map. Just select 'From' and 'To', click on 'Get road directions' button and your asked directions will be highlighted on the map.